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Zen- Hen

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate with nature for your Zen Hen party? 

We offer in-person hen parties in Stirlingshire, and DIY zen-hen boxes that can be sent anywhere in the UK.

Our hen parties use aphrodisiac herbs to create a fun herbal party vibe based on the Greek & Roman gods and goddess of love, and there is a herbal goody-bag for the bride-to-be.

Things we can make and do during the hen parties:

  • AphrodiTea love tea

  • Eros Bliss Baths salts

  • Dionysus herb-rolled love candle

  • Hedone herb infused candle holder

  • Hyman Clay face mask

  • Anteros nature mandala

  • Peitho red wine* Herbal love potion

  • Zen-hen party meditation/mindfulness activities eg Forest Bathing, making a lavender eye bag

  • Zen-hen party yoga


  • Goody bag for the bride-to-be includes:

  • Wylde One Herbal Lube

  • Cupid rollerball

  • Venus facial spritz


Our hen parties can be held in Stirlingshire.  We can come to your accommodation to do the activities if suitable.  Groups should be a minimum of 5 people (or payment to cover 5 if less)

Our DIY party packs which includes a downloadable link to a yoga video and mindfulness audio and easy step-by-step recipes with the herbs included and posted to you so that you can create your own Movement in Thyme zen-hen party wherever in the UK you are.

If you are looking for something else, somewhere else or need us to book a hall for your activity please get in contact and we will can work together to create your perfect nature based bespoke hen party. **

*We ask that you to supply the red wine

**Please note there will be extra costs involved for bespoke packages.

Greek & Roman pantheon of Gods and Goddesses of love:

  • Aphrodite goddess of love, sex, beauty 

  • Eros god of love and protection

  • Dionysus god of pleasure

  • Hedone goddess of pleasure

  • Hyman god of weddings & marriage

  • Anteros god of requited love

  • Peitho goddess of seduction

  • Cupid god of love, desire, and attraction

  • Venus goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility

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