Yoga and Herb Class

Free Yoga class for refugees and asylum seekers

This class is for women and their babies/toddlers/children only.  We aim to create a safe space for women to be able to practice yoga while their children also do yoga with our specialist children's yoga teacher.  After our yoga class both mothers and children will come together to share some herbal tea, chat and to participate in a herbcraft activity.  The herbcraft activity could be something like making a floral mandala, making a herbal flower crown, blending their own personal herbal tea, creating an immune tonic, planting some herbal seeds, or making herbal lip balms.

Our intention is to combine the therapeutic calming benefits of a yoga practice, separately (but in the same large room) for women and their children, with the stress-relieving actions of herbal medicines.  The yoga classes will be 30-40 minutes in length with the adult classes focusing on 'Restore your core' based movements in a trauma-sensitive way.  

'Restore your core' classes are based on yoga, pilates and functional fitness using movement and breath to help to relieve stress, aid backache, rebuilding core integrity and help with any pelvic health issues eg. incontinence.

Classes will start on Thursday 12th January-30th March (12 weeks) in Govan 10.30-12am.

For this 12 week block we are able to refund the cost of travel for families to be able to attend.

Our class sizes are limited please refer your client using the form below and we will be in touch to let you know if and when there is space available.  Spaces are given on a first-come basis.  If women do not show up for 2 weeks running with no word we reserve the right to give their place to another family.

Classes will be run by Rox and Sarah.

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