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Collaborations and Projects

The Historical Herbalists run a Viking-age apothecary project for living history group, Amber Othala, a Scottish educational outreach project run by group of volunteers who are passionate about experimental archaeology. Amber Othala is a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) who focus on the advancement of education of intangible culture, traditional crafts, arts, heritage, and science.


Viking age people utilised healing herbs and plants extensively, and these provided the basis of their medicine chest. Læknir (healers) were a respected and important member of any community, guided as much by knowledge and tradition as the Gods. A læknir could be required to provide restorative herbal teas, potent salves or balms, aid in childbirth, treat battle wounds or act as bridge between the realms of people and the Gods, the living and the dead. Our læknir has many weird and wonderful remedies on show, surprisingly most of which are still in modern usage!


The interactive display means you can get up close and personal with Viking-age magic and medicine. From tea tastings for the whole family, a chance to make authentic remedies both medicinal and magical, to the opportunity to as questions about traditional herbal medicines and treatments from trained, practising Community Herbalists, it’s a thought-provoking insight into the minds and bodies of the Viking-age people

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