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Herbs - Community Apothecary

The use of herbs as home healing remedies is an art once known by every household, and under the current challenges and pressures on the NHS it is a lost art that we feel is important to revive.  Our projects all interweave together, they teach people how to grow, forage, harvest, dry and make remedies and food as medicine.  We make these remedies in communities, for communities, whilst also making extra 'solidarity medicines' for groups out with our communities, this way we empower our communities to learn whilst also helping and supporting other communities providing a sense of accomplishment and comradery across cultures and generations.   As we make remedies we gather stories, stories of the herbs and how they have been used throughout time and across cultures.  We may pause to offer some additional coaching or movement sessions to individuals or groups who are struggling, as our main aim is community empowerment, reducing social-isolation and improving mental and physical wellbeing.  We work with groups across the board, from all communities and all walks of life, so people who benefit from our project are asylum seekers, women, families, low income, elderly, migrants, disabled and other marginalised groups.  We offer our work on a sliding scale to ensure that everyone can be involved but also to enable our work to be sustainable and to continue running.   We are constantly learning and amending our projects based on community feedback and need.

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