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Historical Herbalists Project Manager

Herbal Facilitator

Historical Herbalist Jaye in Medieval costume

Jaye is a herbalist, doula and educator. She has a Masters degree in Archaeology & Social Anthropology,  with a focus on magic, science and healing in the Mediaeval era. She has a special interest in Icelandic and Northern European medicinal plants. Jaye has written for publication on the subjects of prehistoric ritual sites, and worked as an archaeological consultant for the creative media industry. 

Jaye is a member and director of Amber Othalaan educational outreach charity specialising in the portrayal of Viking age merchants, crafters and healers. They create immersive scenes of domestic life, which set the backdrop for the experienced living history reenactors to demonstrate and offer hands-on sessions with handicrafts, textiles, trade goods and herbal medicines. 

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