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Intuitive Herbs

Learn about the herbs more in depth, each month we will taste a new herbs and learn all about it.


An intuitive exploration medicinal herbs, learning from the experts- the herbs themselves. Join Beti from Movement in Thyme as we sit with, taste, smell and get to know plant allies that can easily and safely be incorporated into your home apothecary, to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of you and your family.


Each month we will meet a new herb, journeying together through a guided tasting, we will share our intuitions and what the plant has communicated to us through our senses then discuss traditional and contemporary medicinal uses, folklore and how to safely use the herb in a home context.

These workshops are offered on a sliding scale.
Children are welcome.


Tuesday 7.30-9pm
Milk, Victoria Road, Govanhill.

These workshops can also be offered as one-off or as a series for community groups.  Please get in contact if that would be of interest to your group.  EMAIL


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