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Bringing the ancient art of herbal healing to life...

The Historical Herbalists portray traditional healers and medical herbalists from Romans to the Renaissance, the Medieval to the Modern era. We provide immersive hands-on living history and re-enactment apothecary experiences for events, schools, museums and festivals.

From the Laeknir of the Viking age, the Cunning-woman of the Medieval era to the modern herbalist, these healers all draw from a long history of the use of plants as medicine. Known also as herb-wives, even 'witches', these people were the midwives, seers and shamans of their communities.

We use medicinal plants native to the British Isles,  as well as herbs brought to these shores by the people who lived and worked here as healers through the centuries. Our apothecaries can include replicas of authentic tools of the healer's trade, reproduction manuscripts and scrolls, as well as foraged and living plants and herbs, giving colour, scent and texture to our detailed, interactive displays.

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