Seedlings in Pots

Herbal Growing

We aim to make a herbal infrastructure to develop a sustainable practice so that we can trace where out herbs came from, so that we know they are grown and handled with respect.  We aim to grow herbs to support our project, the workshops and the medicine making.

'Garden to Medicine' Workshops

Perhaps you have a space in your garden to grow specific medicinal herbs which your group would be involved in growing, harvesting, drying, and making into medicine.   Enabling your group to be involved in the entire process from start to finish. These sessions begin in Spring with planting.  The medicines we make would then be used in our HerbCare Stations, sent to Herbalists Without Borders Calais to use in the refugee first aid clinic in Calais and each participant would also take a medicine away for themselves.

Grow or mindfully forage for us and donate

If you have space to donate or are able to grow for us please get in contact.  This could be in a pot, a row of your garden, in a community space, an allotment, at a GPs surgery.....This could be a great way to develop a community growing space with a purpose, to create a sensory garden, a space for mental calm or to use as an educational space.

These are the herbs we need at the moment:

elderberries, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, marshmallow powder, elecampane, lavender, rose, tulsi, lemon balm, lime flowers, chamomile, nettle, dandelion, oat straw, raspberry leaf, thyme, mullein, liquorice, calendula, st. johns wort, comfrey.