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Community Learning Apothecary

Welcome to our community learning apothecary. 

Join us every Thursday at Milk.  Every week we try a different herbal tea and then together we learn and experiment with making a herbal remedy to take home and use.  These workshops will also incorporate solidarity medicine making session.  Among other things we may make healing balms, vinegars, sew herbal pillows, create foods, make body products or go for a foraging walk.

We are keen for these workshops to be a cross cultural exchange, sharing herbal and food as medicine knowledge, stories, and building community.

Extra remedies that we make will be available for sale or by donation in Milk at our Community Herbal Apothecary.

These workshops are offered on a sliding scale.
Children are welcome.

No experience needed.


Thursdays 1-2/2.30pm
Milk, Victoria Road, Govanhill.

To gain a more in depth knowledge of individual herbs you can join our workshop Intuitive Herbs monthly on Tuesday evenings in Milk.

These workshops can also be offered as one-off or as a series for community groups.  Please get in contact if that would be of interest to your group.  EMAIL


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