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Seedlings in Pots

Community Herb Gardens

                                                       "As we grow gardens we grow community"

We aim to develop a herbal infrastructure - a network of community herbal gardens - to develop a sustainable practice so that we can trace where out herbs came from, know where they are grown and know they are handled with respect, to reduce airmiles and carbon emissions and to build communities around herbs: teaching people about growing, harvesting and working with herbs - From Garden to Medicine.  

Our aim is to develop a network of community herbal gardens. 

Do you have a space in your garden, work or community to grow medicinal herbs?

Would you like to work with us to create a community herbal garden?  We will provide support, community and training to get you growing, harvesting and making your herbs into medicine.

The Garden to Medicine Project will enable your community to be involved in the entire process from start to finish.

The project aims to respond to the increase in demand of herbal remedies by giving people the skills to make their own and to reduce the increased demand on the climate and global herb supplies (some of which are being harvested to extinction) by growing and using local herbs.  The network will be able to share herbs where needed and extra herbs will be used in our other workshops.

Our Gardens:

You can find our Community Herbal Gardens here:



  • Killearn Community Food and Herb Forest Garden - Email us to volunteer

  • Tir-na-nog Community Herb & Wild Food Garden, Drymen - Email us to volunteer

  • Drymen Community Herb Garden - Email us to volunteer

  • Incredible Edible, Neilston - Speak to someone in Blether, Neilston to volunteer   Address: Kirkstyle Lane opposite Robbs Garage, Neilston.

  • Govanhill Community Garden - Herb bed linked to our Community Learning Apothecary at Milk, Victoria Road.



Grow or mindfully forage for us and donate

If you are able to donate herbs, or have space to grow for us or are able to mindfully forage for us please get in contact.  This could be in a pot, a row of your garden, your an allotment,.....

These are the herbs we need donated at the moment:

elderberries, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, marshmallow powder, elecampane, lavender, rose, tulsi, lime flowers, chamomile, nettle, oat straw, thyme, mullein, liquorice, calendula, st. johns wort, comfrey, bay, rosemary, hawthorn flowers and berries, daisies, arnica.

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