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The Historical Herbalists apothecary experience was born from a passion for rekindling lost knowledge of the traditional uses of plants as folk medicine.


We bring life to the role of the historical wise woman, re-imagining and recreating what life was like in the communities of old. Ancient healers wove medicinal, magical and spiritual knowledge into their healing craft to relieve the suffering of patients.


Some remedies may appear esoteric in today's world yet many have proven to be effective when put under scientific scrutiny.  Based on historical research and archaeological findings, our re-enactments are real and exciting. 


We design our apothecary displays as interactive experiences - we dress in period clothing, using authentic replicas of the tools, instruments and materials. You can  touch the herbs, taste a remedy, smell long-forgotten medicines. Discover for yourself how they would have worked and experience the weird and wonderful ingredients up close!


The Historical Herbalists are an educational project of Movement in Thyme CIC (improving mental and physical wellbeing through the power of herbs, movement and nature connection).  A CIC is a social enterprise where profits and assets are generated for the public good. We work with groups across the board, from all communities and all walks of life, so people who benefit from our project are asylum seekers, women, families, low income, elderly, migrants, disabled and other marginalised groups.

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Who We Are

Rox is a community herbalist, forager, volunteer/organiser with the mobile herbal clinic Calais, and ambassador for The Herb Society UK.  She is also one of the organisers of the Scottish Wild Food Festival.  Rox is interested in sacred plant medicine, animism, and the role of the wise women in healing, particularly how foods and herbal remedies have influenced daily life through the centuries.

Jaye is a herbalist, doula and educator. She has a Masters degree in Archaeology & Social Anthropology,  with a focus on magic, science and healing in the Mediaeval era. She has a special interest in Icelandic and Northern European medicinal plants. Jaye has written for publication on the subjects of prehistoric ritual sites, and worked as an archaeological consultant for the creative media industry. 

Nicola is a community herbalist and freelance wholefood chef with a special interest in nutritional wild and foraged foods. She creates innovative menus for clients all over the world, utilising local plants and herbs in her dishes.

Jaye and Rox are members of Amber Othalaan educational outreach charity specialising in the portrayal of Viking age merchants, crafters and healers. They create immersive scenes of domestic life, which set the backdrop for the experienced living history reenactors to demonstrate and offer hands-on sessions with handicrafts, textiles, trade goods and herbal medicines. 

Nicola and Jaye offer the popular interactive workshop Wild by Nature. This intuitive tea-tasting experience uses foraged plants to guide people through the process of intuitive plant connection.  It opens up discussion about health, wellbeing and sustainable interaction with the natural world.

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