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The Historical Herbalists apothecary experience was born from a passion for rekindling lost knowledge of the traditional uses of plants as folk medicine.


We bring life to the role of the historical wise woman, re-imagining and recreating what life was like in the communities of old. Ancient healers wove medicinal, magical and spiritual knowledge into their healing craft to relieve the suffering of patients.


Some remedies may appear esoteric in today's world yet many have proven to be effective when put under scientific scrutiny.  Based on historical research and archaeological findings, our re-enactments are real and exciting. 


We design our apothecary displays as interactive experiences - we dress in period clothing, using authentic replicas of the tools, instruments and materials. You can  touch the herbs, taste a remedy, smell long-forgotten medicines. Discover for yourself how they would have worked and experience the weird and wonderful ingredients up close!

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