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We are based in Central Scotland, our community work takes part in the Greater Glasgow area, Stirling, rural Stirlingshire and its surrounds. 

We empower people to look after their health and wellbeing by teaching them how to make and use herbal remedies, in community. We encourage movement, mindfulness and nature connection.  We run a few community apothecaries where people can pick up herbal remedies and we make remedies that are sent to help the refugees who are stuck at our borders in Calais.  


We have herbal gardens to grow herbs for our workshops, to improve sustainability, biodiversity, environmental and community resilience.  


Our Films for Justice events work in solidarity with other social justice organisations worldwide and raise the voices of global peoples with the aim to work against the imperial systems that try to separate and dehumanise us and to create a more humane society for all.


Social Justice,
Herbs, Movement, Environmental Protection, and Wellbeing education for all. 


  • Healthier Society

  • Empowered Communities

  • Improving physical and mental wellbeing

  • Encouraging people to move well with mindfulness

  • Preventative care

  • Developing community

  • Encouraging nature connection

  • Developing nature stewardship

  • Climate preparedness 

  • Bringing herbal remedies back into the hands of the people

  • Radical community herbalism

  • Humanising refugees and global struggles


  • Inclusive

  • Sustainable

  • Empowering

  • Supportive

  • Learning

  • Engaging

  • Solidarity

  • Mutual aid

Meet our Team

Click the picture and 'Go to Link' to find out about each person.

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