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Living History & Community Apothecaries

Learn about UK herbalism through the ages with our hands-on living history educational workshops and events.   Learn how our ancestors helped to create the herbalism we practice today & why this is relevant for our future.

- The Historical Herbalists

Herbal workshops, learning how to look after your health by creating your apothecary and supporting the wider community.

-  Community Learning Apothecary

- Community Apothecary

- Solidarity Medicine Making

- HerbCare Events


We aim to create sustainable, resilient communities, improving mental and physical wellbeing and reducing social isolation through our community workshops, movement activities and gardening.

We aim to create biodiversity and a healthy planet through historical context, the power of herbal knowledge, nature connection, and herbal growing.
Bringing the ancient art of herbal healing to life...

We offer yoga classes, gathering health walks and herbal gardening as ways to create sustainability within the herbal system and to improve your health and wellbeing.

- Yoga

- Community Herb Gardens

- Wellbeing Retreats

We can tailor-make workshops and retreats for you and your party.

Foraging - Yoga - Gardening - Wild Food - Mindfulness - Nature Connection - Bushcraft - Herbal Remedy Making -

Make your own Body Care Products -  Wildcrafting - Cooking over Fire - Food as Medicine - Forest Bathing -

 - Historical themed events and retreats - 

- Workshops for Adults and Children

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