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~ Herbalists Without Borders Central Scotland ~

Movement and Herbs for the wellbeing of all

Our focus is on developing community, mental and physical wellbeing and reducing social isolation through the power of nature, herbal medicine, food and movement. 

As a non-profit social enterprise all of the money raised from our work goes back to the community to develop our community workshops, yoga classes, herbal gardens, community apothecary and solidarity work.

We work with various marginalized groups across Central Scotland, so please get in contact to find out how we can work with your project.

You can support our work by attending our events, booking us for your hen/birthday/corporate party, volunteering, or donating to our work, by doing this you are enabling us to provide wellbeing for all.

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Our Projects

We would love to meet you or to work with you and your group, this is what we offer...


Herbal workshops creating your apothecary and supporting the wider community.

-  Community Learning Apothecary

- Community Apothecary

- Intuitive Herbs

- Solidarity Medicine Making

- HerbCare Events

- Historical Herbalists

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Foraging walks, Wild Food, Outdoor Cooking, Herbal Cooking Workshops

- Food From Our Land: Community Cooking

- Simply Healthy Eating Classes

- Wild Food Cooking

- Workshops

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Yoga Classes, Mindfulness, Coaching, Nature Therapy, Community Herb Gardening.

- Yoga

- Wellbeing Retreats

- Community Herb Gardens

- Wilderness Clan

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